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    Konnichiha!   Welcome to our garden.  We hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of our peaceful space.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay.
    We have lots of things for you to enjoy in our garden.  Get to know us and our family and friends on our "About Us" page.  Enjoy some of our favorite moments caught in a photo in our "Photo Album".
    Enjoy cooking?   Need some cooking tips?  View some of our favorite recipes in our "Cook Book"  and visit some of our favorite websites on our "Favorite Links" page.
    Feel free to sign our guestbook, we welcome all commets.  Make sure you come back often to see "What's New"  .  

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Please use this icq communications panel to easily enable you to communicate with us.   If you enjoy my website and enjoy the Japanese culture and gardens we would love to chat with you.  Just press icq chat.

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