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    Congratulations Jana and Norman!!  My sister  just had a baby on January 7, 2000.  Her name is Lindsey Shae Gassaway.  She weighs 8 pounds 2 ounces and is 20 inches long.   She is a welcome  addition to the clan and she is just adorable.
Congratulations Jill and Jeremy!!   My sister just  had a baby Sepember 18, 1999.  His name is Dillon Brock Story.  Just another addition to our ever growing clan.
What do you think of our site so far.  Please feel free to email us at .  We welcome all emails and all comments and constructive suggestions.  
I finally got this site going in January 2000  after finding a wonderful web creation software free for download at The software is called Trellix Web.  Unlike other web creation software, this one is the best of both worlds.  It writes the html language behind the scenes and all you have to do is point and click.  You can choose the backgrounds you like and the templates you want  to start with based on what type of  website you want.  If you don't like their templates or backgrounds you can choose your own backgrounds and create your own template.  This is wonderful software and I reccomend it highly.
If anyone knows of some good sites for japanese style backgrounds and giffs, animated or not, please let me know.  Kaleidescop was the name of the site where I downloaded most of the backgrounds and giffs you see here,  but their site is not working and hasn't worked for a long time.  Do they have a new address  I just don't know about?  I would appreciate it if someone could let me know.
We bought our first house!!  We moved into our new home in October of 1999.  It was a bank short sale because the previous owners had defaulted on their home loan and the bank was in forclosure and selling it at a loss.  We got a good deal.  It is only a 3 year old house but the previous owners trashed it.  Smoke damage on every surface inside, hols dug in the carpet by their dog, and no landscaping or sprinklers in the front or back.  You can see a picture of our house in our photo album.